11 Years+ Experience

We have been satisfying our numerous clients with different industrial and technical services.

Technical Training

We meet community needs, develop technical & industrial manpower to tackle unemployment.

Our Motivation

is based on our passion and ability to promptly deliver and to give a professional service.

Our Core Values

Teamwork, Integrity,

Project Management

At Henry karll Company, we are your trusted partner for efficient and results-driven Project Management solutions.

Civil Construction Services

Henrykarll Company is your trusted partner for top-tier Civil Construction Services, specializing in Warehouses, Offices, and a diverse range of commercial and industrial structures.

Silo Installation

At Henry karll Company, we specialize in Silo Installation, including Structural Platforms and Tanks.

Technical Training

We train students willing to learn skills that will make them not only employable but also job creators

Pipe Fitting & Welding

We are well experienced and equipped on pipe work systems and plant/machinery installation.

Duct Work

Henry karll Company undertakes HVAC (heating, ventilating & air conditioning system) works for industrial application.

Electrical Installations

We provide Electrical Installation services to new, existing commercial and industrial developments

Supply of Pipes & Fittings

We are a leading supplier of pipe fittings, flanges & valves for commercial & industrial applications.

Industrial Thermal Insulation

We specialize in industrial insulation (lagging and cladding) of hot & cold pipelines, steam & cold pipelines

Why Choose US?

We go the extra length to produce truly amazing results for our clients.

We are Professional


Our engineers are well trained with a close eye for every detail

We are Members

NIW Membership

We are a member of Nigerian Institute of Welding (NIW).

We are Creative


Creativity plays a strong role in the Henrykarll team

Our Clients