Our Technical Training Centre

Nigeria is a country undergoing economic reform. A productive, competent, and flexible work force is a prerequisite for furthering economic development. The demand for skilled workers and technicians is already on the increase and will become ever more intense as the industrial sector becomes the dominant provider of employment; yet the Vocational and Technical Education (VTE) sub-sector is unable to respond to the changing labour market requirements.

Without intervention, the mismatch between school graduates and employer requirements will continue, and private sector-led economic growth, as espoused in the country’s National Economic Empowerment Development Strategy (NEEDS) will be compromised.

Skills acquisition is vital for an economy to compete and grow, particularly in an era of economic integration and technological changes. In Nigeria, the FGN increasingly views skills development as an important factor in the drive to enhance productivity, stimulate economic competitiveness and raise people out of poverty. Skill acquisition, without mincing word, is needed to generate employment, create wealth, reduce poverty and increase productivity.

It is with this aforementioned mindset that Henry Karll Technical Training Centre, an arm of Henry Karll Company Limited, a multinational engineering servicing company established to provide cost-effective engineering and industrial maintenance services to its numerous clients, was established to fill this skill gap in our industrial sector. The centre is adequately staffed with experienced and competent instructors as well as state of the art training equipment, and has the capacity to train over 200 students conveniently.

Our target is to train students willing to learn skills that will make them not only employable but also job creators, which will in turn help in no small measure to ameliorate the menace of unemployment in our society, as well as help already employed workers to upgrade their skills and competencies to deliver more value at their respective places of work.