Welding and Fabrication: A Veritable Tool for Eradicating Unemployment

Welding has become one of the most lucrative skilled jobs in the world today. This field of career is very wide and requires a focused mind to be able to master it all.

Nearly everyone can stick two pieces of metal together but becoming a good fabricator/welder requires study, training and practice.

The first step in almost every welding operation is the assembly of the parts to be joined by welding. At every basic level, this assembly can be just placing two pieces of metal flat on a table and tack welding them together for practice welding. At a higher level is the assembly of complex equipment, buildings, ships, or other large welded structures. The important thing to remember, however, is that no matter how large or complicated the welded structure, it is assembled one piece at a time. That is true for a simple project you might have built in school or and fabrication you might become part of one day.

A lot of people literally don’t know that there is slight difference between WELDING AND FABRICATION, though the two seem to go together. Fabrication is an assembly whose parts may be joined by combination of methods including welds, bolts, screw, adhesives, and so on, but welding (weldments) is an assembly whose parts are all welded together. All weldments are fabrication but not all fabrications are weldments.

Generally, all welding processes are under the metallurgical method and are broken into three groups namely PRESSURE, FUSION & SOLDERING AND BRAZING. It is under Fusion processes that we have Arc Welding which is the world most popular welding process today. But many people do refer to stick welding as ARC Welding , It’s not wrong but arc welding is a group of welding processes that use a welding power supply to create an electric arc between an electrode and the base material and if any welding process under the arc welding is to be called it should be properly specified, Below are the welding processes under ARC WELDING:  Shielded Metal Arc Welding(SMAW), Gas Metal Arc Welding(GMAW), Submerge Arc Welding(SAW), Gas Tungsten Arc Welding(GTAW), Flux Core Arc Welding(FCAW) , Electro Gas Arc Welding(EAW), Plasma Arc Welding(PAW).

Nigeria is undergoing economic development, and needs a productive, competent and flexible workforce. The need for competent welders is on the increase. There are many opportunities for skilled welders in the industry. The unemployed, underemployed and even tertiary institutions’ graduates are encouraged to get themselves welding skills in order to break free from the scourge of unemployment currently ravaging the country. There are various skills acquisition centres in the country, but Henry Karll Technical Training Centre, located in Morogbo, close to the Agbara Industrial Estate, stands out among the rest.

Henry Karll Technical Training Centre is a world-class skill acquisition training centre, that is equipped to deliver quality welding and fabrication training. The centre is staffed with competent instructors and the training environment is so conducive for learning. The target is to train people who will become job and wealth creators and also help already employed workers to upgrade their skills and competencies to deliver more at their places of work.


Article is contributed by:

  • Agbaye Dickson, Training Instructor, +2348149073143, dicksonagbaye@henrykarll.com
  • Adeleke Adedeji, HR & Sustainability Manager, +2349053895522, dejiadeleke@henrykarll.com

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