Marching & Fitting

This program is designed to equip trainees with basic and necessary skills to fill up the roles of fitters and machinists in the industrial sector. Fitting and machining involves making and assembling of components for plant and equipment used in industries.


The components are made and fitted to exact specifications using established, modern engineering processes and machinery. It involves working from detailed drawings or specifications, and the use of hand and machine tools. Machining is any of various processes in which a piece of raw material is cut into a desired final shape and size.


Machining and fitting work is varied and can include the assembly, alignment and machining of components, plus installation and maintenance of machines. Machining and fitting is widely applied skill to engineering technology and always in high demand in the industrial and manufacturing sectors of the economy.


Trainees at the end of the program will be able to operate a lathe machine, calculate speed and gear train, as well as demonstrate the practical competencies required in the industry.



  • General safety
  • Turning and Fitting
  • Milling and Fitting
  • Shaping and Fitting
  • Grinding and Fitting

COURSE DURATION : Full Time: 9 months (inclusive of 3 months Internship) Part Time: 12 months (inclusive of 3 months internship)

AWARD: Certificate of Competency