Welding & Metal Fabrication

This training program is designed to empower trainees to become skillful in the area of welding and metal fabrication. This is a well sought-after skill in the manufacturing, construction industrial sectors. Fabrication involves making products and components for the engineering and manufacturing industries from raw or semi-finished materials.


As a welder, you will cut, shape and join sections of metal. You may also carry out repairs on manufacturing equipment and machinery. The welding and fabrication industry is embedded in every aspect of our lives, from the cars we drive to the construction of the buildings we work in.


Welding, sheet metal fabrication and engineering industries require well-trained people capable of operating a broad range of welding equipment. Throughout the course, you will benefit from a mix of classroom learning and practical work which will teach you how to join different metals using appropriate welding techniques.


Throughout your time at HKTTC, you will progress from basic welding skills to a more advanced level, as you develop your skills and knowledge.


  • General Welding Safety
  • Sheet Metal Works
  • Structural Steel Work
  • Gas Welding and Cutting
  • Metal Arc Welding


COURSE DURATION: Full Time: 9 months (inclusive of 3 months Internship) Part Time: 12 months (inclusive of 3 months internship)

AWARD: Certificate of Competency